Coney island is a classic. There's like 7 things on the menu and you can't go wrong. Hot dogs, burgers, fries, chili, cheese everything. Can't get chilli like this anywhere else!
Will Koz Avatar
Will Koz
I remember enjoying Coney Island way back in my youth. The aesthetic is timeless, from the tables to the baskets to the card readers. Honestly, it makes me feel proud to be an American.
Maicon Pereira Avatar
Maicon Pereira
If you like thin crispy golden hot fries, treat yourself to Coney Island. They consistency produce this feeling you're having right now. That's why no picture is needed. Also… I ate them too quickly. My order: double chili cheese burger,... read more
coy price Avatar
coy price
I'll start with this - I love a good hot dog. They're increasingly hard to find, so I was beyond excited to stumble upon MP Coney Island. Any restaurant that has been around for close to 100 years is doing... read more
Michael Lee Avatar
Michael Lee
A local gem indeed! I was a little skeptical at first but my husband is from the area and insisted we go here because they have the best cheeseburgers. I have to agree..this place is awesome. Everything is made fresh... read more
Nicole Novak Avatar
Nicole Novak
4 star ratingThis place is a must if your in the New Castle area. Now it’s not the fanciest place but if you like chili dogs you have to give it a try.
getzfam Avatar
5 star ratingIf my pictures don’t convince you to stop then you don’t deserve too eat here... simply delicious will definitely add this to my list of favorites... everyone was very nice and friendly... thanks to all
robbm904 Avatar
5 star ratinggreat chilli sauce fries hamburger hot dogs milkshakes are great good food good service at a good price
Perry B Avatar
Perry B
4 star ratingLawrence County is hot dog paradise, I can't take it when I'm on the road and can't find a good chili dog, but no chance of that with Coney Island nearby. The hard part is passing on the chili cheese... read more
Heidi G Avatar
Heidi G
4 star ratingI moved away from my hometown of New Castle..40 years ago but when ever I'm in town I HAVE TO HAVE THEIR hot dogs or chili and cheese hamburger. Then on my way out back home 600 miles away...I take... read more
louise b Avatar
louise b
5 star ratingAlways fast service and consistently great food. I have been there several times and have never been disappointed.
WillRez Avatar
5 star ratingHonestly i love their food. Their french fries are amazing and so are the hamburgers. I have eaten here several times in the past and have not been disappointed yet.
owen3423 Avatar
5 star ratingI've been eating Coney Island hot dogs since I was in college. The dogs are great. Get one (or three) with "everything" is the only way to go.
scott p Avatar
scott p